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08. Feb 09

No Tax Break for Father of Children Conceived Thro...

The United States Tax Court gave an unwelcome Christmas present to William Magdalin, who was appealing the Internal Revenue Service’s refusal to allow his medical deduction ... , since they did not...

Fashion-Forward Fundraiser

See spring fashions, enjoy a catered lunch and raise money for a good cause at the "Hope for a Better Tomorrow" ... . The luncheon will feature special guest Abbey Curran, a Miss USA contestant who ha...

ironing lessons

There are a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out with this blog, namely that all the comments aren't showing up. Hopefully those digital powers that be are on the case. In the meanwhile, I'll

Unique Effective SAT Prep

A wonderful place for SAT help, resources, and advice

Vitamins for Alzheimer's

See also a related B3 article I posted in November - xref: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.-----------------------------While we are on this thread of natural help for dis-ease isn't it timely that I just rece...


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